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Reverse Chapter 1

Ovidiu Leuce / On the thin ice of the new day

curator Martina Lolli

A+Project Space

Centrul de interes, Cluj Napoca

Reverse is a kind of "call back" where artists coming from Romania, but living abroad, are invited to exhibit in a solo show hosted at A+ Project Space in Centrul de Interes from Cluj Napoca.

Each exhibition ideally constitues a chapter of a bigger narration where the artist - with their own medium and approach - is called to give an intimate contribution to the "plot" written by Globalisation: being an expatriate, with both a feeling and a condition fed by political and economic questions such as the difficulty to find a position and consequently to achieve a sense of belonging to their own community, in which identity is a continuous negotiation. Nowadays leaving the country seems to be the ultimate step to address the lack of opportunities regarding our future. But this (sometimes forced) decision calls into question some parameters that involve our consciousness, giving a sort of dérangement involving all of the senses. The different way of living and the geography underlying today's willingness to self-imposed expatriation has been explained by Giorgio Agamben in the essay "Means without end" who writes about a sense of a-territoriality in which national borders blend in an ideal open space inhabited by denizens (T. Hammar) namely non-citizen residents. Inspiring to Agamben's theory the project Reverse will draw a fragment of a lyric map in which all the paths of desire for coming back to our origins pour into the practice of a more globalized context, while A+Project Space will grant an artistic asylum to artists involved in the project.

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